[Scribus] an obscure reference to Scribus

Tom tjakabfy
Wed Aug 11 04:28:59 CEST 2004

I have Xandros 2.0 and have been trying to get Scribus 1.1.7 (debian) to 
work on Xandros. I gave up after the long list of dependencies came up. 
I didn't find that Xandros addressed the dependencies in their 'upload' 
area. They have had Scribus 1.0.1 on their site for several months.

If anyone has had any luck using Xandros and a more up-to-date Scribus, 
let us know....

I continue to use Scribus CVS on Mandrake 9.2 and it works very well.


Gregory Pittman wrote:

> I was drifting around on the web after hearing someone refer to the 
> Xandros desktop -- wanted to see what it looks like.
> When I eventually found some screenshots, 
> www.xandros.com/products/home/desktopdlx/dsk_dlx_screenshots.html,
> I clicked on the 'Xandros Networks' screenshot (there's two of them, 
> it's the one on the right), and when you expand it shows that Xandros 
> was/is giving away FREE copies of Scribus 1.0.1 for those who register 
> their copy of Xandros desktop! Interesting.
> Greg Pittman
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