[Scribus] Simple question on woody installation

Haines Brown brownh
Mon Aug 9 23:49:12 CEST 2004

Steve, please allow one more question. You have been very charitable,
but this question should be an easy one. 

I'm still in the study mode and don't expect to do the aptitude
dist-upgrade until tomorrow, but did do a trial run so see what it
would be like. 

After commenting the woody respositories in my sources.list, I ran 

  $ sudo aptitude -s dist-upgrade

Here is the results:

27 packages to upgrade (seems all petty odds and ends)
1 newly installed
202 to remove
137 not upgraded

What worries me is that among the 202 packages to be removed as
"unused" are critical applications (emacs) and there are "automatic
removals" of some critical apps as well (emacs21, gcc,
libc6-dev). None of these packages are upgraded. What does "unused"
mean here? Since there's nothing about upgrading or installing emacs,
for example, does that mean it will disappear from my system?

Why am I not about to wipe out everying on my machine? 


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