[Scribus] Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: String freeze for Scribus 1.2 (Craig Bradney)

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Aug 9 00:20:38 CEST 2004

Hi Sebastian

> I wasn` t at home the last 4 days and what happend to Scribus in this time is 
> simply phantastic! 

:) the battle continues...

> I found out that on the homepage the German translation is shown as 100% 
> complete- but there is the section Story Editor --> Settings --> Select Font 
> which is completely untranslated in the latest CVS. Since there was a string 
> freeze, this shouldn`t appear, though. Maybe there are some strings missing 
> in the translation files?

This dialog is a Qt dialog and so we dont see the strings. We worked
around this issue with Help About Qt by having a translation dummy file.
We might have to do the same here.

There is the change we may have to break string freeze at some point,
but we are really hoping not to. Just depends on issues that do come up
before 1.2 release.

Thanks to the support we do have from translators. Right now we have
100% translation for:
British English

with French at a close 97% and soon to be further updated. Hopefully
more to come soon!
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