[Scribus] ANNOUNCEMENT: String freeze for Scribus 1.2

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Aug 7 01:57:28 CEST 2004

Hi All

Well.. the time has come. We are happy to announce the string freeze for
Scribus 1.2. Its been a long time coming but its finally here. Those of
you running CVS will have seen a lot of changes within recent times for
GUI consistency, tooltips and shortcut keys/accelerators all through

We have many translation files quite out of date now and we would like
to hear from the translators who have kindly helped the project before.
Please contact us to let us know if you are still able to help out with
the GUI translation. 

Current status of translations can be seen at http://bugs.scribus.net/trans/

In the case where there are a few of you on the list for a certain
language, we would like to resolve this so we know exactly who is left
from these people who can help out. We want to be as diplomatic as
possible here. We do not wish to start arguments about who is doing what
language, but just resolve the issues.


We would also like to start some sort of "Official Translator" idea.
This is nothing more than basically the idea that a certain person or
small team becomes the people we talk to for translations for a certain
language, always. Up until now, we have basically accepted submissions
from anyone. To avoid any potential issues of people just walking away
and us not knowing about it, or people taking over a job someone else
still wants to do, we would like those that want to do the translations
just let us know.

If they no longer wish to help out, or when they might go on holidays
for an extended period (a month or more) it would be good to know when
we are coming up to a release. This avoids us losing track of people who
we may need to contact when we get to a new release period as we
generally only have 2-4 weeks for a string update. We have no intention
of anything more than just knowing who we can rely on and when. If we
dont get someone putting their hand up saying "I'll be it", then for
that certain language we will continue as we have up until now.

Those that may wish to help out with documentation translation, please
let us know. We will get you the docs when they are ready.


So, in advance for all the translators.. thanks very much for your
previous and future efforts. We would like to receive translation
updates within the next 2 weeks if possible. The release of 1.2 is not
THAT far away :) :) :)

To submit your translation, please go to bugs.scribus.net, submit a bug
title "<language> Translation for 1.2", and upload a bzip2 of the source
file, eg "German Translation for 1.2", uploading scribus.de.ts.bz2.
(Thanks to Johannes, German is the first language 100% up-to-date)

best regards
Craig Bradney
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