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Jon Phillips jon
Fri Aug 6 17:43:51 CEST 2004

Ted had a great idea to create the equivalent site for graphics
development in Open Source like Planet Gnome is for the Gnome community.

Thus, I'm running with this idea to see whom would be interested in such
a community. I have asked freedesktop.org if they would support this
blog, and they said yes. Ted, Bryce and I discussed names for the
project and subdomains and like lab.freedesktop.org (linux art blog).

The site basically would be a basic RSS Aggregrator and thus, we need
your RSS feeds for your blogs and project news.

Before I set anything up, I wanted to see if the interest is out there
and if people already have RSS feeds.

The general idea of this site would be to start communication between
graphics development communites. This would include basically Inkscape,
GIMP, Scribus, Cairo, etc. project blogs, but most importantly the
individual developers blogs. The first step to sharing standards and
ideas is to start this informal overlap and see what happens. This will
also serve as a nice introduction for new developers and some users
about to jump into the role of developer.

Thoughts and suggestions would be wise. If anyone is interested, lets
discuss this on the inkscape mailing list and once enough responses are
collected, then I will setup necessary infrastructure (mailing list and
site) to facilitate this news site.



Jon Phillips

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