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Ralf-Diether Ebel ATN-GmbH ebel
Fri Aug 6 13:40:58 CEST 2004

Hello Craig,
thanks for your quick answer. Perhaps you can consider these improvements 
in the future.
> > For longer texts I think it would be better to have the paragraph-style
> > of each paragraph viewable on the left side. You have not to click into
> > every paragraph to see its style.

> The problem is, like it was with SEv1, the amount of GUI controls you need
> then depends on the paragraphs you have and can become a huge number. We
> recently had someone loading a 450 page document into SEv1, and it failed,

> >  But what to you think about selecting the style from an open 
> > window (like Openoffice) and not via dropdown boxes? It would be much
> > faster.
> Right now, I think we are too close to string freeze (possibly tonight!)
> and too close to the 1.2 release to do such a thing. However, Franz's
> magic often gets into action pretty quickly, although just last night we
> were discussing how SEv2 is almost complete now.

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