[Scribus] working with layers (beginners questions)

Uwe Fechner ufechner
Fri Apr 30 11:27:41 CEST 2004


I have some questions related to the use of layers:

== Question 1 ==

In the context menu there are the items:
 - layer (ebene) and
 - copy to layer
I have too layers, background and pictures.

To move a picture from background to pictures, I can only use
"copy to layer" and not "layer -> one layer up".

What is "one layer up" and "one layer down" for, if it doesn't

== Question 2 ==

If I have only one layer (Background), I can still use the context
menu actions "layer -> in the forground" and "layer -> in the back-
ground. Is there a foreground and a background layer in each layer?

== Answers ==

Well, I think that I discovered, there are many layers in each layer.

I think, different names should be used for these different things
(or is it just a translation problem - in German both things are
called "Ebene", is it different in english?)

I will use the term "sub-layer" and "named layer" in the future.

== Question 3 ==

Is there a way to display the sub-layer and the named layer, to
which an object belongs?

I would expect, that in the properties palette (or in the status
line at the buttom) the number of the sub-layer should be displayed).

Also it would be nice, if the layer name AND the sub-layer number
would be displayed in the "overview (?bersicht)" treeview window for
each object.

Perhaps we find a way, to improve the easy of use for beginners.

Thanks for the good work:

Uwe Fechner

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