[Scribus] No rich text?!!!

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Wed Apr 21 08:28:53 CEST 2004

Hi all,

following your discussion I remember I experienced some bug (?) 
yesterday. As I am still using "Richard" it may well have become 
obsolete, but I'm just reporting it here as you said you're about to 
review the text editor.

I made a style for headings including Underline and Capitals. Changing 
the text (for typing errors) in the text editor, this one and only style 
changed back to Not Underlined and No Capitals in the relevant frame 
whenever I left and saved the text. All the other styles remained 
unchanged in the frame. Printing printed the wrong version, too.

Then I found that calling the style dialog and just saving the styles 
again would correct everything.

Originally, I created the style without Underline and Capitals, wrote 
some text, then found the headings appeared to be not heavy enough. So I 
changed the style and the above said happened. Later I changed to a bold 
version of the font discarding the Underlined but leaving the Capitals 
set: still the same behaviour.

Maybe this helps you a bit...


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