[Scribus] Text editing difficulties

Ralf Höling hoeling
Tue Apr 20 18:33:36 CEST 2004


I try to use Scribus installed by Fink on Mac OS 10.3.3 with Apple X11. 
After managing to get some fonts working I now have problems editing 
and formatting text:
For example I create a new Textframe, choose the Text-tool or however 
you call it, and type in some text. No problem so far. Then I want to 
mark part of the text and change the font. Thats also possible but 
after doing some changes at some point it's no longer possible to move 
the marker (? Einf?gemarke) with the arrow-keys and to type in text. 
The only thing I can do is to use the story editor, but then the font 
is resetted to the default-font.
Is it a bug or a feature? What am I doing wrong?
Sorry for my bad english


PS: Is it really necessary to have those MS-Windows-like close- and 

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