[Scribus] Command Line Interface?

Heinz Ulrich Stille hus
Thu Apr 15 14:26:22 CEST 2004

On Thursday 15 April 2004 13:45, VANEK Petr wrote:
> today is not possible to use Scribus without gui anyway. I think

I wouldn't mind having scribus (gui) run on my server...

> the main goal of this app is a little different from your specification.

Well, using it for what it's meant for would be quite boring,
wouldn't it? ;-)

> You can use DB<->Scribus cooperation via scripter (tested with
> MySQL) - only from the application. There is no interface to the

As the native file format is open, I wouldn't even need the scripting
facility to construct a document... Btw, is the DTD documented somewhere?

> scribus pdf/eps libraries.
> IMHO there is no way to change it in the near future...

I don't need that much.
At the moment I'm using Adobe InDesign (on windows - urgh), PHP and the
COM interface, which enables me to control the gui from outside.
With scribus I could integrate my own server inside a python script; I
would have to re-create all the functions as remote calls, though. Just
for printing a document to pdf that should not be too much.
The only thing really missing is a way to start scribus and have it
execute this server script automatically. Coming to think of it, I
wouldn't even need this, just a script that says "export a pdf". That
should not be too hard...

MfG, Ulrich

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