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ruth moulton ruth
Sat Apr 10 22:02:26 CEST 2004

 i'm not sure if i've seen a reply to you go by so here is one :

i had problems with this at first as well.

but it can be done: select the text frame you are working on, take the mouse 
pointer into the frame, right click and choose 'show proprerties' - a 
properties box should pop up.

then make sure the icon 'edit contents of frame' is depressed (it's a hand 
over a letter)

then  use the mouse as expected to select the text you want to change (i.e. 
left button down and drag over the text). and finally use the properties 
window to make the changes - choose the 'text' button and this will bring up 
a pane that lets you change font, colour, point size and lots of lovely thing 
like kerning and variable width !!

i'm using 1.1.6 on suze 8 and it seems to work, although sometimes i think 
i've had problems getting it to select bits of text.

have fun

> I'm having trouble getting a handle on text formatting.
> I'm using 1.1.5 rpm for RHL on RHL9, and Scot Blades quick start guide.
> I still can't figure out how to format text within a frame.
> Scot says (on page 2) that I can edit text using the Style menu, but I
> find that it's greyed out when I try to work on a word-by-word basis.
> How do I change type sizes within a frame, for example to have subheads?
> Or do I need a new text frame for each font change?
> Same question for italic or boldfacing for emphasis. Surely I don't have
> to create a new frame for an italicized word, but so far I haven't been
> able to figure out any other way to do it.
> I really want to use Scribus; I'm just having problems getting started.
> Thanks.
> Jeff

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