[Scribus] note of appreciation

linuxlingam linuxlingam
Sat Apr 10 17:59:06 CEST 2004

dear all,

this is to express to the mailing list, my appreciation for the speed
and quality of work that franz, craig, and all the others in the Scribus
team, put into their project.

am amazed at the speed at which they track bugs, try to resolve them,
fix them, introduce new features, as well as offer lightning response on
the mailing list and IRC chat.

have been actively using scribus for one of my own projects, and i could
never imagine that scribus would evolve almost as soon as i would wish

just downloaded the cvs of 10th april, and about 5 days prior to that
had downloaded the 5th april build. love the 'constant refinement' or
kaizen, that occurs in this software.

also, the documentation is sparse. thus, the more i dig into scribus,
the more i am impressed with its undocumented and subtle features and
nice touches here and there. like taking mathematical operators in
dialog boxes, scroll mouse shortcuts, copy-and-paste page numbers via
scrapbook, and so on.

i must admit i initially thought scribus was in early development and
had limited capabilities, but am delighted to note how robust,
well-engineered, and feature-laden it actually is. am so glad i was
proved wrong. :-)

working as an end-user in scribus is quite exciting, as i feel i am part
of the development team, offering suggestions and reporting bugs that
get resolved.

closely watching scribus since its inception about two years ago, i can
finally say with relief i have migrated 100% to do all my page-layout
and typography in scribus. thanks for such a great software, and hope
the journey for all of us into digitally free typography and page design
has just begun.


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