[Scribus] Speed and font issues

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Apr 9 00:28:54 CEST 2004

John Pettigrew wrote:
> I'm looking at using Scribus 1.1.6 on my SuSE 8.2 system (nothing special
> added beyond the SuSE-provided updates) but am having a few problems.
> Basically, Scribus seems to run quite slowly when editing text. It's fairly
> easy to see simply entering text - the display lags behind the keyboard entry
> and the CPU usage increases, up to 100% if the lag gets serious (i.e. I enter
> lots of text by e.g. pasting lots). Does anyone know how to deal with this?

This obviously has to do with how Scribus renders/displays the fonts. I
see it on all the systems I have used it on (including an Athlon 800MHz,
P4 2.66GHz), and it happens especially when you have a lot of text in
linked boxes for several pages. This is why whenever you can, you want
to use a separate text editor or Story Editor for that purpose. The
problem is also linked to the aggravation of Story Editor frequently
messing up fonts, styles, sizes and so on.

What makes it especially striking is when you compare Acrobat reader's
ability to scroll through a document you created with Scribus -- I
realize acroread is not an editor, but Scribus is slow scrolling when
it's not editing.

I notice that SVG programs seem to have a feature to directly edit SVG
files -- maybe that's what Scribus needs?

Greg Pittman

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