[Scribus] Speed and font issues

igzebedze igzebedze
Mon Apr 5 17:22:29 CEST 2004

> Basically, Scribus seems to run quite slowly when editing 
text. It's
> fairly
> easy to see simply entering text - the display lags behind 
the keyboard
> entry
> and the CPU usage increases, up to 100% if the lag gets 
serious (i.e. I
> enter
> lots of text by e.g. pasting lots). Does anyone know how to 
deal with
> this?

i was asking the same thing about scribus on my rh9, but noone 
replyed.. not only entering text, the scrolling of the page is 
laged also... i fixed it a bit (but only a bit) by recompiling 
with -march ... are there any other swithes i can use when 

tnx, bostjan

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