[Scribus] User Interface Fonts

Francisco Vila francisco.vila
Sun Apr 4 01:37:51 CEST 2004

Thank you very much. I have tried the following:

El s?b, 03 de abr de 2004, a las 08:42:54 -0700, Carol Kankelborg dijo:

> >can you install the applesystemfonts

Impossible for me (i think) as I am running a PC.

>>  and msttcorefonts packages and

This did not work and makes Gimp to hang on selecting the Andale Mono

> >see if this helps? Maybe the x-ghostscriptfonts package, too. I

This package does not exist in Debian, AFAIK
> At 8:06 +0100 3/9/04, Craig Bradney wrote:
> >Just remember the buggy Hershey font exists within. The CVS version now
> >includes better buggy font handling though.

How is it done?
> At 20:03 +0100 3/9/04, Martin Costabel wrote:
> >Maybe you just need to run qtconfig and choose a different default font?

I dont have that command in my system. But... wait a moment... it
seems to be in the qt3-qtconfig package... I have just installed
it... WOW! it works! I have selected Arial instead of Helvetica and
all seems to be readable. I love you!

> At 22:39 +0100 3/9/04, Martin Costabel wrote:
> >And if you move your ~/.qt directory out of the way?
> >Sometimes ~/.qt is owned by root instead of by yourself, and this can give weird effects.

Mmm... no, it's mine.

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Thanks again
Francisco Vila Doncel. Badajoz (Spain)

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