[Scribus] User Interface Fonts

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Sat Apr 3 17:42:54 CEST 2004

I had this same problem with 1.1.5.  I apologize to the group for not posting the
solution.  Time got away from me.  I do appreciate Craig & Martin's generous help.  

Here are the suggestions I got:

At 8:01 +0100 3/9/04, Martin Costabel wrote:
>can you install the applesystemfonts and msttcorefonts packages and see if this helps? Maybe the x-ghostscriptfonts package, too. I tagged these as "recommended", but maybe they really should be required dependencies.

At 8:06 +0100 3/9/04, Craig Bradney wrote:
>Just remember the buggy Hershey font exists within. The CVS version now
>includes better buggy font handling though.

At 20:03 +0100 3/9/04, Martin Costabel wrote:
>Maybe you just need to run qtconfig and choose a different default font?

At 22:39 +0100 3/9/04, Martin Costabel wrote:
>And if you move your ~/.qt directory out of the way?
>Sometimes ~/.qt is owned by root instead of by yourself, and this can give weird effects.

What I did on my machine (Mac OX 10.2.8, Apple's X11 beta3):

  o  I already had applesystemfonts and x-ghostscript-fonts installed.  I installed msttcorefonts.

  o  I looked around for a Hershey font but couldn't find one.  But then, I wasn't sure I'd know
      it if I found it.

  o  The first time I opened qtconfig, it had the same "boxes" problem.  So, I got rid of ~/.qt (which
      was owned by me) and ran it again.  This time I got normal text.  The default font was
      Helvetica which perhaps is not on my system.  When I changed the default to a Luxi font,
      the problems went away both in qtconfig and Scribus.
I hope that helps.

At 10:59 +0200 4/3/04, Francisco Vila wrote:
>I don't know if this question has been already answered.
>I am using Scribus 1.2CVS March2004 on Debian Testing.
>I think I have all the depending packages installed, BUT:
>Properties dialog and the info bar at the bottom of the scribus window
>show little squares everywhere instead of legible fonts.
>Menu bar and x-pos/y-pos indications read well.
>What is the font I am missing in my system and how can I properly read
>the properties dialog?
>Francisco Vila Doncel. Badajoz (Spain)

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