[Scribus] Newbie question -- fonts in Mac OS X

Sheldon Rampton sheldon
Sat Apr 3 19:09:49 CEST 2004

Hi all...I'm a Mac OS X (Panther version) user who just installed 
Fink and Scribus for the first time. It all went reasonably well, and 
from my initial poking around, Scribus looks like a great program. 
I've worked extensively in Quark, but this looks like a viable 
alternative. (I'd like to see an Aqua interface instead of X11, but I 
can live with that.)

I'm having one problem, though: I can't get Scribus to recognize my 
existing collection of Type1 and TrueType fonts. The only fonts 
currently available are Bitstream Charter, Courier, Luxi and Utopia. 
I have dozens of other fonts on my computer.

I tried following the instructions which said to go to 
Edit->Preferences->Fonts and add "Additional Paths," but none of the 
fonts in the paths I added are showing up. I've tried it with a 
folder that contains Type1 fonts, and a folder that contains 
TrueType. The name of the TrueType font file is "Bickley Script LET 
Fonts." The Type1 font that I tried was "Arnold Boecklin," and the 
files in that font folder are named "ArnolBoe" (for the print font) 
and "Arnold Boecklin" (for the screen font).

I don't have any .afm files for my fonts. Could that be my problem?

Thanks for any advice!

--Sheldon Rampton

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