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Hi Kurt,

It is easy to achieve this using a combination of the "before" and "after" values of "paragraphs", and the "leading". If you want text to be aligned from one column another, you have to make sure the leading value is the same throughout the body text; as for the subtitles, you need a combination of values that, when added together gives you a value that falls into a multiple of the value of the leading.

Here is an example.

Your text is on a 10 point leading. You have a subtitle of 1 line that you want bolder and bigger. Leave the leading of 10 points since there is only one line to your subtitle. Put a value of, say 7 points before and 3 points after (7 + 3 = 10) to the subtitle paragraph's attributes and you're done. The subtitle will "float" in between 2 lines of text, with a little more white space over it. Actually, you will get 7 points of white space, followed by a line of text (subtitle) with a 10 points leading, plus an extra white space of 3 points. So, 7 + 10 + 3 = 20 which equals to 2 lines of text with a leading of 10.

If you subtitle is 2 lines, then you are going to need to increase the value of the leading to whatever value fits the font and typesize you have selected and adjust the before and after value so the total of the leading, for that many lines, plus the before and after values will fall into a multiple of 10, which is the main body text leading value.

I hope this is clear enough! Don't hesitate to write if anything.

Louis Desjardins

? (At) 08:06 -0500 01/04/04, Kurt Lhotzky ?crivait (wrote) :
>I don't know, if I use the correct words:
>If you use multiple columns and different text styles (10 pt and 12 pt for subtitles, for instance), lines are not at the same heighth.
>Is there any trick how to force lines to be at the same line in both columns? A sort automatic alignment? I think, it's called "Registerhaltigkeit" among typographers.
>Kind regards,
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