[Scribus] Working with Scribus when Gimp is still open ?

Joachim Breitner mail
Thu Apr 1 17:41:11 CEST 2004


have you considered using fam to detect changes on the file, instead of
waiting for gimp to finish?


Am Do, den 01.04.2004 schrieb Jean-Jacques Sarton um 17:40:
> Hi Sebastian,
> Sebastian R?der schrieb:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I did some exercises with the latest Scribus CVS to check out the new 
> > features. I like the 1.2 CVS tree very much, but there is one think, which is 
> > not very comfortable in my opinion: 
> > 
> > When I choose "edit picture" from the right mouse button content menue, Gimp 
> > opens the picture (great). But if I change something on it and save the 
> > picture, I can not laod the picture in Scribus again to see the result until 
> > I closed Gimp. In my opinion this behaviour is not very comfortable and if 
> > possible, I`d like to have it changed. It would be great, if Gimp is only 
> > started ones and can remain open, so that for every new picture just a new 
> > window in gimp is opened (as gimp normaly does) - so I save some time, 
> > because gimp doesn`t have to start up again for every picture.
> > 
> I know the behaviour, this can't be solved in an easy way. Scribus
> must detect changes and wait until the gimp terminate or the file
> was modified. If your gimp is allready open it will be nice to call
> remote-gimp (if installed) instead of gimp and you will have more
> possibly more pictures oppened within the same gimp session. If you
> save the file under and other name Scribus will never detect that
> you wan't to continue the work you habe previously done, this will
> not be easy because scribus wan't to wait up to the notification
> of a change or termination of gimp. For the first release of this
> feature we have not solved all possible problems.
> Jean-Jacques
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