[Scribus] startup script

Servant servants
Thu Apr 1 00:10:59 CEST 2004

Using Slack 9.1 and Fluxbox 0.9.8 and Scribus 1.2cvs Build-ID: 30. March 2004 

I couldn't do make without an error before so I rm -rf the dir and got the new 
cvs yesterday - compiled no problems, and I've got a file open about to use 
it.  However, I can't make Scribus start by issuing from cli ->
~/Scribus/scribus or putting that in the Flux menu.

If I cd to ~/Scribus and issue scribus it opens.  Here are my Scribus entries 
in ~/.fluxbox/menu ->
[exec] (Scribus-1.5) {/usr/local/bin/scribus}
[exec] (Scribus-1.2cvs) {~/Scribus/scribus}


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