[Scribus] Compile Error

Joe Villari joev_nylxs
Sat Sep 27 17:36:27 CEST 2003

Kobus Wolvaardt wrote:
> Looks like M_PI and other math stuf isn't recognized (are you using gcc
> 2.95?). That means you have to add #include math.h to the culprit file
> wich should only be svgplugin.cpp. Someone had this problem a few week's
> ago also you could try and find that posts also.
> First try adding #include math.h to the top of svgplugin.cpp and al the
> files that gives any math related errors.
> Good luck
> Kobus

After adding #include <math.h> to svgplugin.cpp I was able to complete 
the make and make install without any errors for both scribus and 
scribus scripting.

Now when I run scribus from the command line it opens scribus .9.1.1 
instaed of 1.1.0.

What do I do to get 1.1.0 to run?


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