[Scribus] littlecms and Color Management

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Fri Sep 26 03:40:04 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 12:59, Sven Powalla wrote:
> I have a question, since I needed hours to install the littlecms libraries and 
> the lprof package (till I found the solution at the website of www.yeccoe.org
> in French...) and get Scribus to enable the Color Management. Wouldn't it be 
> a lot easier to write a script before installing scribus that will do the 
> colormanagement installation prozess automatically and compile littleCMS and 
> lprof ? Maybe it could look like this:

Really nice idea, but..

It would be easier, if distributions would put the libraries in the same
place. More importantly, as I have learned, a lot of rpm packages have
dependencies on lcms, compiled with the specific version of lcms. 

Red Hat does not install lcms by default, so it is easy to upgrade, as
there are few packages which depend on it. I built 1.10 rpms for Marty
Maria and he has them linked on his site. 1.11 is a bit trickier as the
whole config is different.  I have the spec file building the rpms fine,
it is some of the compiler flags are not working right - which is
important for lcms. 

Mandrake and Suse include lcms and KDE is built with lcms dependencies.
I would not want to be responsible for breaking kde rpms on people..

I almost forgot lcms 1.11 has has autoconf, thanks to Bob Frieshenhan
from Imagemagik. It is very easy to install and Scribus should find it
with few problems. 

> My second question:
> What about integrating a phyton-script-section in the download section, where 
> everyone can upload his or her selfmade scribus python scripts like the 
> "traite-de-coupe" script from Yves Yeccoe? Wouldn't that be a nice idea?
In the works - Patrick and some of the regulars on the list have kindly
sent me scripts and some doc templates to be added to the next sample
docs package. Feel free to send any you would like to include, they
would be *most* welcome and credited.

I think it is a good idea to package them up so people can see different
approaches to python scripting. I've learned a lot just opening up and
studying the one's already written. 

BTW, I've made a few tweaks to the main Scribus page at
www.scribus.org.uk let me know if it does not display right for you. 


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