[Scribus] Mac color mismatch - recompile with libarts didn't help

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Thu Sep 18 03:45:18 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 20:02, Martin Costabel wrote:
> Wolfgang Rumpf wrote:
> > So I went ahead and installed a newer libart2 (2.3.14-1) and recompiled 
> > Scribus - no help, the screen dispay of font colors other than black and 
> > the blue wash of images still happens...
> I tried to look at this, but I have to give up. It seems there are a 
> couple of pieces of the libart sources that now are copied into the 
> scribus sources and compiled in, like art_rgb.c. I count 7 files art_*.c 
> in scribus. And these files are modified with respect to the libart 
> sources that I have before me. They are, in particular, modified in 
> places that are sensitive to endian issues. Why are these things copied, 
> why are they modified, and is it clear that they work correctly for 
> big-endian architectures?

If I recall from discussions with Franz, these changes are modifications
to work with Qt, I think. In that context, is there something there that
can be fixed ?  Moreover, KDE and Qt run on Sparc, as they are available
for Solaris X86 - maybe kde-solaris list has some answers for endian

Originally libart was designed for Gnome, but it was so good it was
modified to work with Qt. Perhaps the KDE port to OSX has some patches..
It is a build requirement for some KDE packages.

Just a couple of thoughts where I would start looking.

A note of appreciation for your packaging too..


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