[Scribus] Re: What is the best way to create a booklet?

Patrick magicpage91
Tue Sep 16 23:10:57 CEST 2003

> >If it were me, I would do the page in full letter size with the two
> >booklet pages, as you mentioned, on one page.  That just provides a
> >better format for the printer to use, if running on an offset later.
> >I think you will indeed need to put the layout together so that it is
> >print ready when you take it to the printer.  That way they don't
> >have to do extra work to get the pages right before or after printing
> >and then going to the binding.  The more work you can accomplish
> >means less work for the printer, thus less cost to you and more
> >control over the final product.
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On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:07:12 +0100
drymartini at gmx.de (Robbie Pickering) wrote:

> This is very bad advice IMHO. Imposition is best left to the printer
> since they do it all the time and they know what suits their workflow
> best. You don't know what sheet size the job is going to be printed
> on. Your booklet might actually be printed 4-up, 8-up or 16-up.

> You should create your document completely normally, with page 1 at
> the beginning and carrying on 2,3,4, etc. and create a PDF like that.
> Allow for bleed and ask the printer how much they need. Make sure they
> know the page size of your PDF and the final trimmed size and leave
> the rest up to them.
> The only exceptions are if you're taking the job to a copy shop
> instead of a proper printer when it would be necessary to take a
> ready-imposed file --- or if your printer specifically demands an
> imposed file.
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It's only "very bad advice" if you are the printer, as even as you
pointed out, the more you can get done before taking the job to the
printer, the better it will be for your costs.  If it is reducing the
amount of work that the printer has to do, then quite likely the printer
will also be happier.  Checking with your printer prior to submitting
the job is always in order, so there is no miscommunication as well, on
paper size, print details or what you are wanting.

I do agree that the document should be created normally as well, so that
the printer may have it in either form.  Many printers will prefer it in
both forms, in case any extra things have to be done or reference has to
be made to the page layout.  Providing the printer with a print ready
document is one of the reasons we have DTP programs like Scribus, so why
would one not want to do as much of the work as possible and how many
printers are not aware of this fact?  


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