[Scribus] business cards

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Mon Sep 15 17:45:55 CEST 2003

I, too, would like to put in my vote for automatic  business card generation. I
would like it to allow you to do any even multiple of copies within 
reason -- I can see an
immediate need for me for 2-to-a-page for half-page fliers and 4-to-a-page
for note cards.  I just did a 4-to-a-page note card.  I resorted to 
using Scott's
trick below, but I had some problems with grouping.

   I created my note card in its own document since I figured I could somehow
print 4 copied to a page and get what I wanted.  That didn't work, so I grouped
all the elements of my card and placed them on the scrapbook.  I created a new
page, divided it into quadrants, and copied from the scrapbook to the new page.
I then needed to adjust the placement of the 4 copies.  I tried nudging one of
them and only one element moved, not the whole group as I expected.  Then
I tried Align/Distribute to align the top of two copies and all the 
elements within
each copy aligned their tops.  This is not the behavior I expected when the
elements are all grouped together.  (I am basing that expectation on my
experiences with FrameMaker.)  Am I doing something wrong. is this a bug, or
are my expectations wrong?   I finally got what I wanted by using guides and
my eye to get the 4 copies reasonably centered.

At 7:21 -0700 9/15/03, Scott Chapman wrote:
>I like the way PageMaker allows me to do copy and multiple paste.  I used that
>constantly in production to make it so I lay up one business card, then copy
>and paste at X copies at Y distance down and then copy those and paste it in
>as X copies at Y distance over.  Very effective for labels and lots of other
>stuff also.

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