[Scribus] Novice Enthusiasm

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Sat Sep 13 04:44:04 CEST 2003

Forgive a little enthusiasm from one who has just started trying to 
learn DTP in
the last few weeks.  After downloading scribus 1.1.0 with fink 
(thanks to Martin Costabel),
I had much better luck with Franz Schmid's tutorial with this 
version.  It was so neat watch
the front page of the newsletter unfold on my own computer.

I finished my first solo document today -- the poster for my 
barbershop chorus' show.
It was SO much easier this year than last when I used (ugh) Word for 
the same task.
I put text at an angle, included images, used the guides, and 
everything.  I am much more
confident at being able to use scribus successfully for the show 
program.  Again, I used
Word for the last two years.  By last year I started to realize that 
there is a difference between
word processing and DTP, but was not able to change my process on our 
aging Mac.  Now,
with a new iMac, I am venturing into the unknown.  I have a long way 
to go, but I'm
excited with all I have to learn.

Carol Kankelborg                           | There are 10 kinds of 
people: those who
                                                       |  understand 
binary and those who do not.

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