[Scribus] business cards

ephemeron ephemeron
Fri Sep 12 09:25:22 CEST 2003

I've just downloaded two programs, kbarcode[1] and glabels[2] (it
should be obvious from their first letters what toolkit or
library they use).  They have code to print multiple impressions
of a single layout on one printed page.

The main application of this feature is the production of labels
and as a side benefit, business cards.  To produce a printout of,
say, twenty business cards all you need is to lay out one card.
At print time you can then specify that you want to print out two
sheets (2 sheets x 10 cards per page).

Would it be possible to have a similar feature in Scribus?

[1] http://www.kbarcode.net/
[2] http://snaught.com/glabels/

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