[Scribus] Tiling Scribus' Postscript

Steve Jacobs steve
Thu Sep 11 20:21:26 CEST 2003

Many thanks for Scribus 1.1. It's really superb. What follows is neither a 
feature request nor a complaint---Scribus does a beautiful job of everything 
it's supposed to do. I've been using it for paid work for months, and 1.1 
seems to have removed just about every major vexation.  

I've got an odd problem. The project is a series of 17.5 x 24 inch advertising 
maps for a local printer. The output will be printed on a laser in a3 tiles, 
taped together and shot in a process camera. I've done similar stuff for this 
guy before, using Poster or Epssplit to generate the tiles from Postscript.

I'd like to use Scribus this time, but I can't get Scribus' Postscript output 
to tile with Poster or Epssplit. The output just generates unhelpful 
("Interpreter failed") errors. Tiling a similar layout with the same fonts 
and placed graphics works fine if OpenOffice or Sketch generates the 
Postscript. So far I've tried:
Export EPS > Poster
Export EPS > ps2ps > Poster
Export PDF > Poster
Export PDF > pdf2ps > Poster
Export PDF > pdf2ps > ps2>ps > Poster 
Export PDF > pdf2ps > ps2>ps > ps2epsi > Poster
Most of the above using Epssplit instaed of Poster.
A bunch of other similar combinations.
Printing to file generates an 8.5 x 11 inch corner only. I assume I could work 
around this by installing a CUPS plotter driver for Scribus to compose 
Postscript to, but wouldn't that generate about the same thing as EPS export?

The fonts are Bitstream Type1's from an Corel disk. QT, Ghostscript, CUPS and 
the other usual suspects are current and otherwise trouble-free.

Any ideas about how to make this work? Obviously we're not striving for new 
levels of prepress excellence here---OpenOffice Draw has worked before and 
will work again---but I'd really like to move these maps to Scribus if I can.

Thanks in advance.



Steve Jacobs
Steve Jacobs & Associates
Trinidad, Colorado US

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