[Scribus] Compile Problems w/ Scribus 1.1.0

Michael Below mbelow
Thu Sep 11 18:55:22 CEST 2003


now I followed Linus' advice and added math.h to the #includes in
svgplugin.cpp. Everything seems to work great! Text entry is very
usable, and the fonts look _really_ nice.

On Startup, scribus complained: 
QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted

Also I noticed that Scribus somehow ignores my window manager (fvwm)
which usually allows me to place windows freely. Scribus simply opens up
a screen-size window on the current workspace.

Another small issue: On startup, I get an empty window (grey) plus a
measurements palette. If I move the palette, the contours of the
palette nearly disappear as soon as they leave the area that has been
occupied by the palette before, the contours of the window are shown
in a color very similar to the background color.

I can't click into the font size chooser and enter the font size by
keyboard as long as I am entering text initially, but I can do that
when I'm altering text I have marked.

When moving the Cursor in a text window using the cursor keys, small
cursor-shape parts of the background are deleted. They re-appear when
editing the text.

When marking text, the very first character in the region is not shown
as marked, usually it disappears completely. After un-marking the
region, everything goes back to normal.

When I embed another frame into a text frame, the text in the outer
frame doesn't continue to the right of the inner frame, it flows only
on the left.

Just my 2?...


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