[Scribus] Download links for 1.1.0

Steve Herrick steveh
Thu Sep 11 03:16:53 CEST 2003

Christoph Rudorff wrote:

>>Anyway, I still think that all dependencies should be linked from
>>Scribus' own download page.
> Impossible. Imagine a naked system w/o even a X!
> scribus wants libqt -> Xserver -> xfs,xdm, ....
> So heres the list, just of scribus.rpm himself:

OK, point taken. But I'm going to assume most of those are standard 
under the systems most of us use... or we never would have been able to 
compile previous versions (without the dependency trouble we're facing 
now). The issue here is that we all need things that most of us don't 
have. Perhaps there could be a list of dependencies specific or new to 
each version. That would only be two in this case.

In my case, I spent six hours today trying to compile 1.1, and was 
unsuccessful. It came up, but it looked like 1.0.1. In fact, it even 
said 1.0.1 in the panel window. Only in "About Scribus" did it say 1.1. 
Tomorrow, I will throw out everything I did today, and start fresh from 
my tar files.

If you've got a blacklist, I want to be on it.
- Billy Bragg

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