[Scribus] Image types and version levels

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Wed Sep 10 15:15:42 CEST 2003

0-pOn Wed, 2003-09-10 at 07:54, Craig Bradney wrote:
> I'm wondering about embedding of picture/images files. Is there
> Illustrator format planned (possibly closed source file format and hence
> I'd assume no), and with EPS/PS format, up to what level is appropriate.
> IE, if I convert .AI files to EPS what version should they be? 5? 10?
> Something else?

The answer is it depends. And part of that answer is how the Illy file
is composed:

If you have fairly simple artwork without complicated gradients, I would
try export as SVG and import via SVG. If at all possible, this would be
the preferred route, as the object remain vector and are editable in
For more complicated artwork, you could try import via EPS. If it has 
embedded bitmap images, export to Illustrator EPS 7.0 or earlier or PDF.
( This is recommended for use with Pagemaker - too.) 

Scribus will import almost all of the PDF 1.4 features from Illustrator,
but certain kinds of masking can trip this up. 

As for Tiffs, Scribus will import any tiff which libtiff can handle. -
keep in mind there about 50 flavors or Tiff and some programs put in
private file header info. Sometimes you will get warnings from the
console like : "can't read tag 0xb000" etc. These are usually pretty
harmless and mean libtiff can does not understand the private tag.

> Is there a list of the various formats that Scribus can import and the
> version levels?

This will be in the next release of the docs for sure.


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