[Scribus] scribus to web application

alessandro rimoldi xale
Thu Sep 4 18:35:11 CEST 2003

hallo nette leute,

a newspaper i read has his web version here


no, that's not publicity! what it stroke me, was the quality
of their site!

i haven't seen something like this on the web!

if i got it right, there is a system for transforming pdf files
into that mixture of pictures and textes.

there is a short description -- in italian -- of the product:


i couldn't understand if tio.ch is the owner of the application
or if it's a product from a bigger software producer.

what i wonder now is if you think that it would be something
good for scribus to be able to produce such a result.

personnally, i would be interested in participating in such
a project
(in the long term...) but i don't know enough about the
format and
the inner structure of scribus to judge if it's something that
is possible!

ciao ciao


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