Scribus text (was Re: [Scribus] passepartout)

ephemeron ephemeron
Fri Nov 28 23:37:15 CET 2003

On 28. November 2003 at 9:23AM +0000,
Kevin Donnelly <kevin at> wrote:


> I had a brief look at it a couple of months ago.  It looks
> promising, but really can't be compared with Scribus at this
> stage.  In particular, IIRC, it's not actually WYSIWYG - you
> work with tags in an editor, and then these are rendered to
> produce the output.  But my memory could be playing tricks!

I think the only significant non-WYSIWYG part is the text
formatting.  Since the text is also frame-based, the approach is
not that much different from Scribus's all (or nearly all)
WYSIWYG.  In some ways I consider the capability to pre-tag the
text a feature rather than a deficiency.  If you could edit the
text outside of the layout program, you could use standard text
processing utils like sed or perl for speedy search and
replace-like operations.

Of course, you could already do the same thing with Scribus's
text-based document format.  What I have in mind as a wish-list
feature is a simplfied Scribus text-only import format with
HTML-style tags like <BOLD> </BOLD> or <FIRST_PARA>
</FIRST_PARA>.  As it is the Scribus document format contains
details that, while important for a WYSIWYG page description, are
irrelevant, even confusing to the eyes of a human editor.

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