[Scribus] Just some thoughts ...

Thomas Zastrow chef
Fri Nov 28 22:08:14 CET 2003

Hi there,

the last days I played around a little bit with Xindice: This is an OpenSource-XML-Database from the Apache Group, you can find it here:


Scribus uses also XML as file-format. So, why not putting Scribus-docs in that database ... it's just one command. What would be the advantage of that? Well, now it is possible to search the whole database - or just a part of it - for *every* XML-tag that it is possible in a Scribus-document.
For example, for some of my Scribus-docs I defined a color named "SPD Rot". Now it is just another command to find *all* documents which contains a color named "SPD Rot": 

xindice xpath_query -c /db/scribus -q "//COLOR[@NAME='SPD Rot']"

(or something like that)

Think of what would be possible: A server in the middle, storing all the Scribus-files. And than possible queries like "Give me all documents, created by Tom between january and march, which uses a color named "SPD Rot" and has the picture xyz.jpg on page number 3".

Could be a realy new kind of workflow. Realizing something like that via Python could not be sooo difficult ... ;-)



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