[Scribus] passepartout

Jeremy C. Reed reed
Fri Nov 28 10:09:25 CET 2003

On Fri, 28 Nov 2003 bulk at katskave.com wrote:

> > Anyone tried out passepartout, the Open Source Desktop Publishing
> > application for the X Windows environment? How does this compare with
> > Scribus?
> Well, after reading the website, I have no desire to try it, honestly.
> It seems to say that I need to write everything in XML by hand.
> (although maybe the importing code could be tweaked to be used in
> Scribus to allow Scribus to import XML?)  If I'm going to bother doing
> that, I might as well learn LaTeX.  :)

I just packaged it for pkgsrc-wip. It does have a graphical interface for
laying out objects. You do not have to do XML by hand.

It looks interesting to me. I will have to spend some time with it. (I am
running over X over a DSL connection -- this is too slow ...)

   Jeremy C. Reed

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