[Scribus] Can run debian package, but not compile CVS

John Griessen john_g
Tue Nov 25 22:46:54 CET 2003


Sorry about using list space, without absolutely needing it.   Maybe my 
details will help another debian user later.

I just found a way through 
automake1.6, autoconf 2.58  upgrade details:   The link to aclocal also needed to be 
changed on my debian installation like this:
rm -rf /etc/alternatives/aclocal
root at toolbench:~# ln -s /usr/bin/aclocal-1.6 /etc/alternatives/aclocal
rm -rf /etc/alternatives/automake
root at toolbench:~# ln -s /usr/bin/automake-1.6 /etc/alternatives/automake

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EE good at IR systems, power supplies, logic design, A2D D2A, digital amps, 
mechatronics, SiGe and CMOS layout, MEMS/mech/electronic/photonic 
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