[Scribus] Color management

Paul paul
Sun Nov 23 00:55:38 CET 2003


> > It's a bug in Fedora - I have the same build on my RH9 and Fedora Core 1
> > boxes - everything is the same and cms is fine under RH9. There are bits
> > under Fedora which really are broken. Are you using Gnome or KDE as the
> > desktop?

> I just upgraded one box to fedora 1 and cms works fine  - just tested it
> with today's cvs. However, that particular compile of lcms was done
> under RH9 with gcc 3.2. Wonder if it has something to with prelink,
> which is not default in Fedora. 

I have a feeling that is likely as I've done a diff between the entire
srpms and the 2.4.0 branch on the gnome website and bar for the screw up
on the panel, they're the same.

> BTW, Fedora is *much* snappier on my home machine. I have not seen KDE 2
> or 3 run this fast, I think ever. Only weirdness is something is messing
> around with the font paths. My TT fonts appear and disappear. 

Fedora is fantastic. Try it with the 2.6.0 kernel and it's fantastic!


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