[Scribus] Crash when creating objects on custom template

ephemeron ephemeron
Tue Nov 18 11:25:42 CET 2003

On Mon, 17 Nov 2003 23:49:29 +0100,
Franz Schmid wrote:
> ephemeron wrote:
> > With a custom template (Edit Templates --> New [Duplicate]) I
> > get a perfectly reproducible crash, when I try to create or
> > insert any object (a text or picture frame or a line).  I can
> > confirm this with CVS extracts of today and 20031105.  Sorry
> > if this has been reported before.
> This issue is now fixed in tonight's CVS.

Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, with my latest CVS
download I now get a crash ("Segmentation fault") when I try to
open or create a (New) document.

To test if the crash was caused by building against different
-dev libraries, I recompiled my CVS downloads of 20031105 and
20031117[*].  These two versions don't crash when opening or
creating documents.  Both however also exhibit the bug (crashing
when editing a custom template) I described in my original post.

20031105 cvs:  crash when editing "custom" template
20031117 cvs:  crash when editing custom template [*]
20331118 cvs:  crash when opening or creating documents

[*] The first entry of 20031117 cvs reads:
16.11.2003	Improved the Story Editor.
		Fixed some issues with Copy and Paste.

PS I think the Story Editor is a killer feature.

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