[Scribus] OT: different libc:s

Magic Page magicpage91
Tue Nov 18 05:04:01 CET 2003

Thomas Ahlstrom wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Scribus and other programs on a RH9 system which is glibc 3.2.3.
> I don't want to leave RH9, but at the same time I'd like to be able to 
> run PhotoPaint9 which only works with glibc < 3.2.3. Is it possible to 
> have two libc versions on the same installation? If so, what is what and 
> what is important. Or... any other clue to make PP9 run with libc 3.2.3?
> --Thomas

As glibc is a very important part of the base of your whole system, it's 
probably not wise to tinker with it.  I have heard of some folks running 
  2 versions, but more about folks killing their systems and 
reinstalling everything.

Are you sure it's a glibc problem and not some older libs you need to 
make it work?  I know with WordPerfect 8, it requires the older shlibs 
to run, but everything else is good.

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