[Scribus] Windows port

Mon Nov 17 20:24:30 CET 2003


i'm not used to post to the list, but i'm used to read it.
I just want to give my own 2 cents (of ?, i'm french ;-) ) for the win32
port discussion.

I'm not a dtp professionnal, but i know a lot of non-professionnal are
interested in such a good piece of software, for school or associations
newspapers, or for many other reasons.

Some of them could be using windows for a lot of reasons, one being that
they are not on they own computer, or they must use softwares running only
under windows (i mean proprietary ones), ...

Do you think that these people should pay hundreds of [what you want here, $
 ?, ?, ...] for a non-profit use of a software, when there is a great one
available for free, but they can't use it because they just can't change
their computer's OS ?

I don't want to make confusion between the free of "free of charge" and the
free of "freedom" - price is just one argument, maybe not the best, but
think it's important for hundreds of people who would love to use
professionnal dtp apps... 

And windows users could contribute too to the application... Some windows
users are developpers (yeah, some ones know C ! ;-)), and could help improve
linux version as well as windows one. Having more users would help improve
the global quality of scribus, having more users feedback, ...

Long life to scribus (hoping to see it on many platforms !)

PS : the goal of a scribus port to windows have (ihmo) nothing to do with
trying to get users from win to linux. Just providing to as many people as
possible high quality software, with a real community spirit - that's how i
see free software !

Bye, sorry for a long - not well structures and written with a bad english -
message !

Christophe Chailloleau-Leclerc
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