[Scribus] Windows Port

Marvin Dickens mpdickens
Mon Nov 17 07:14:33 CET 2003

Jason Crowtz wrote:

 > Hello all,
 > It is very much in the interest of the Scribus community to release a
 > version for Windows. Here's why:

Rarely do I post to this list. However, I use Scribus *everyday* and 
further, I read all the posts to this list. Here are my two cents 
regarding this subject:

********I do not support a port of Scribus to Windows.***********

As support for this position, I offer the GIMP port to windows as an 
example. The GIMP port to windows did not bring windows users to Linux. 
In fact, the port of GIMP to Windows was such a success (Even though it 
crashes a lot, this is acceptable and expected by windows users. They 
think everything is fantastic...) that users of windows who want to use 
GIMP now have no reason to use or try to use Linux (At least in thier 
own minds). Therefore, GIMP as an enticement to try linux is dead. The 
funeral has come and gone.

This has been the history of all software that was written for linux and 
then ported to Windows. I can name five more Linux products, but why 
should I? Everyone on this list who has been involved in the linux 
community for the last five years can name at least five of these 
themselves. Condsidering these facts, a port of Scribus to windows would 
be one less reason to try Linux...

A port to windows reduces the amount of energy and time that the 
developers put into the Linux version: There are only so many hours in a 
day... Why waste those hours porting Scribus to an unstable, 
technologically inferior, code bloated pig of an OS?

I could continue and give 10 really good reasons as to why a Port of 
Scirbus to windows is a bad thing (And support the position with hard 
facts).  But, I hate to bore people... So, in the interests of keeping 
it short: IMHO, a port of scribus to windows is nothing short of a shot 
in the arm for MS.

Best regards

Marvin Dickens
Alpharetta, Georgia  USA

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