[Scribus] Re: Windows Port

Roberto J. Dohnert webwarrior
Mon Nov 17 01:28:29 CET 2003

<< Is this a high priority ? Windows users have access to a huge range of
software. I envy their choice. Linux users on the other hand have to get by
with what ever we can get our hands on. No disrespect meant, but Linux users 
need the focus of development effort for some time yet just to break even with 
the other OS. We are still very much playing catch up.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Brian  >>

This has nothing to do with availability.  I work with Linux and Windows and i much prefer to use Linux.  But i would like to be able to use the same tools on both considering these days Im chained to a Windows 2000 workstation.  The question is should the open source community refuse to support and develop quality software for the platforms that have alot of software thus bringing them the benefits of Open Source software or should we platform specific.  I dislike vendor lockout and if we refuse to develop for an alternate platform because they have a variety of software then then we are no better then MS, Apple or any of the others. I can understand that QT does not make a GPL version for Windows and that we would have to get the Enterprise version and I have been in talks with some developers at Trolltech over e-mail urging them to bring a GPL version of QT to Win32, if it works out then great if not I plan to go after another revenue of actually asking for a donation of a license to certain projects.  

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