[Scribus] sodipodi jpg--> svg, pdf fonts download

Gerhard Gaussling ggnewsletter
Sun Nov 16 12:28:05 CET 2003

Am Sonntag, 16. November 2003 12:03 schrieb Sebastian R?der:
> Is there a simple way to convert jpg --> svg in sodipodi (suse 9.0)

Why not placed the jpg directly in your scribus docs, using an image 

To convert jpg to svg You can use sodipodi if you have the frontline 
plugin and autotrace installed.

autotrace [1] is a raster to vector converter.

Beside frontline [2] a GUI for autotrace there is delinate [3] a JAVA 
frontline too.

I hope that helps

Kind regards

Gerhad Gaussling

[1]	http://autotrace.sourceforge.net/

[2]	http://autotrace.sourceforge.net/frontline/

[3]	http://delineate.sourceforge.net/

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