[Scribus] sodipodi jpg--> svg, pdf fonts download

Sebastian Röder seppelrockt
Sun Nov 16 12:03:12 CET 2003


today, two questions questions come up during my work on the school magazin.
1. Where can I download some nice fonts (for free), which do a good job in 
pdf-files, too? (Sorry, I didn`t found the according treat in the list 

2. Is there a simple way to convert jpg --> svg in sodipodi (suse 9.0). I 
managed to import them, (creating a new SVG document and then using the 
import function) but I don`t know how to crop the size of the SVG document to 
the size if the imported picture, so that there are some ugly white "borders" 
from the background.

Sebastian Roeder

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