[Scribus] Qt 3.2.2

Gerhard Gaussling ggnewsletter
Sat Nov 15 13:48:24 CET 2003

Am Samstag, 15. November 2003 02:22 schrieb Koblinger Egmont:
> Hi,
> I've previously compiled Qt 3.2.2 with freetype 2.1.5. This time I've
> compiled QT 3.2.3 with freetype 2.1.7, using the same options. During
> the compile, 33% of the compilations had a cache hit, and 67% had
> cache miss. I guess the ratio would have been slightly better if I
> used the same version of freetype. As getting the .o from the cache
> is much faster than compiling it again, ccache save approx. 25-30% of
> the time I guess...

Hello Egmont,

I just installed ccache and xdelta and ownloaded the patch to upgrade 
from qt 3.2.2 to 3.2.3 .

In the manpage of ccache I read these lines:

     To install for the second method do something like this:

         cp ccache /usr/local/bin/
         ln -s /usr/local/bin/ccache /usr/local/bin/gcc
         ln -s /usr/local/bin/ccache /usr/local/bin/cc

What's about g++ ?

	Do I have also make such a link for g++ and other compilers?
	 ln -s /usr/local/bin/ccache /usr/local/bin/g++

And whats about the gmake step Paul mentioned in this thread?
I don't have gmake, but qmake in the qt directory and GNU make which is 
started as `make` on the shell.

# make -version
GNU Make 3.80

The last time I installed qt 3.2.2 I didn't make the gmake step.

Nevertheless Scribus compiled fine, but the qclipboard bug persists.

I'm curious about compiling scribus with the newest cvs tree and qt 
3.2.3 installed regarding this bug.

However, KDE on my system remains the same, linked against the old qt 
libs,  so probably the error persists.

Thank you

Kind regards


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