[Scribus] html2scribus version 0.0.1

bulk at katskave.com bulk
Thu Nov 13 08:29:04 CET 2003

hey all,

Remember when I said I would work on a script to convert html to 
scribus?  I finally got a script that does something working.  It's 
more of a proof of concept, because right now all it does is make the 
page title big and keep the bold, italic, and underline formatting 
while converting everything else to one big blob of text.  But it does 
create a scribus document.  Once I put handling for line breaks and 
paragraph tags in, it should be useful for very simple stuff.  I plan 
on making it my pet project so theoretically, it'll improve with my 
(hopefully improving) programing skills.  :)  In case your curious, 
it's a perl script that replies on HTML::TokeParser and I posted it at

feedback is always welcome.  *puts on fireproof suit*   :)

-- mary

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