[Scribus] Re: text overlapping

Johannes Wilm j
Tue Nov 11 12:41:04 CET 2003

On Tuesday 11 November 2003 05:40, Peter Linnell wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 06:00, Johannes Wilm wrote:
> > Hi,
> > well I just come with one more problem.
> > When putting text on a path, text on layers behind it, is partially being
> > 
 overlapped by it. See attachment.
> Not here. 

So are you saying that the the text in the background does escape the text on 
the spiral in the middle? As I saw it, the text escapes the spiral, but not 
the text on it.

> And those colors are giving me a headache :O
> Remember, for an OSS project, while we do not need a seeing eye dog to
> find our monitor, we have literally years staring at screens. Please
> send us something a little less harsh to the eye. 
> I have not seen things like that, well, I'll let the imagination run...
> ;P
> Seriously, examining the text boxes it looks like they are behaving as
> intended. Then, I could need glasses.

:-) As I am no expert on DTP at all, I just needed something to impress the 
people at the office so I can fianlly get them away from 
Windows+inDesign/Quark. I agree though, the green on pink/yellow is horrible.

> Cool. This reconfirms Franz's advice about setting LANG is important not
> for Scribus, but Qt.
> Regards,
> Peter

Where should one set that to work whenever one loggs in? Why doesn't it take 
the settings from KDE?

Johannes Wilm

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