[Scribus] fedora upgrade weirdness

Paul paul
Sun Nov 9 03:01:57 CET 2003


> I'm still trying to find out where that font is.  

It should be in /usr/share/fonts somewhere

> I had a problem after
> the upgrade with mozilla crashing on trying to load japanese fonts that
> were removed/renamed in fedora.  

AIUI, no fonts were renamed in Fedora and they weren't moved either.
They're in (what was) the standard RH directories

> Is there font information cached from
> before the upgrade that is causing me problems now?  I notice
> fonts.cache files, should I delete these?  

try (as su)

xset fp rehash

that should clear things and rescan the font system

> Maybe I should just go
> through the pain of a wide and reinstall.

I have that pleasure to come...


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