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Magic Page magicpage91
Fri Nov 7 00:51:27 CET 2003

Franz Schmid wrote:
> Magic Page wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> Ok, just got and compiled the last cvs 1.1.3cvs and it compiled 
>> nicely.  Everything looks good and haven't really tested it much yet, 
>> but still disappointed that the line problem has not been addressed.  
>> Why are the drawn lines set by default to have text flow turned on so 
>> that text runs around any lines?  The lines should be just objects, 
>> dumb objects that you put on the page which should not affect anything 
>> else by default.
>> Of course, in earlier versions, you could actually change the 
>> settings, much like the drawn boxes, if you want text flow to be 
>> adjusted around the object.  Lines lost that ability somewhere along 
>> the updates though.  It does make it difficult to build lined forms 
>> you know with text.  :o)
> You're right, the ability to change the textflow around lines is currently
> not available. But for the moment there is an easy solution for your 
> problem,
> just use the layers. When I must create docs like yours I always put the 
> lines
> on a background layer and the Textboxes in a layer above.
> Best Regards,
> Franz Schmid

Thanks Franz,
Yes, I had thought of that as well, but haven't yet used layers, so will 
play with that some.  You still have the problem though, if you need for 
the lines to help separate the text or act as separations?  Or would 
layers also make that possible?  I guess it would be a good time to play 
with layers and test.


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