[Scribus] Windows version

Gerhard Gaussling ggnewsletter
Wed Nov 5 20:27:33 CET 2003

Am Mittwoch, 5. November 2003 00:39 schrieb Johannes Wilm:
> > Really, the new code is very experimental, unstable and unfriendly.
well, indeed, I compiled scribus 1.1.2 on debian/unstable [ gcc (GCC) 
3.2.3 (Debian) Kernel 2.4.19 ] and it is in some special cases fairly 
unstable and crashes reproduceable like I posted some days ago.

> > It will also annoy the hell out of Debian users who insist on using
> > gcc 2.95 as it will definately not compile on 2.95. Mwuhahahahaha
> huh? GCC3.3 is the standard compiler on debian/unstable I believe.
> (and has been for quite some time)

unstable Candidate is: 3.3.1-2

On stable we can use backports, I think.



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